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“ There is a place for everyone in motorsport”

“ There is a place for everyone in motorsport”


4 questions to Lisa Jonasson, PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21 mechanic
“ There is a place for everyone in motorsport”
Barcelona was your first time as a racing mechanic in the Team Peugeot Hansen on a WorldRX event.
What is your feeling about this experience?

First of all I have to say it was a lot of fun. I have done two seasons of Swedish Touring Car before, as well as some Rallies in Sweden, but this was my first Rallycross experience as a mechanics an it’s a great atmosphere out there. The whole picture is different. We have different cars of course, different ways of working together, the heats are different, the way you have to go out on the grid... there are a lot of things in the rhythm that are different, but the work as mechanic is the same than in other motorsport activity. But I like it a lot. I had to you meet a lot of new faces that I had to remember quickly even if I knew most of them as I have been in Satory to prepare the car before the first race of the 2017 season, but I have also been working in the workshop in Gotene for a couple of month. It’s a good spirit and a family team, they are all hard working people, but always keeping a smile on the face. Clearly I have been very well accepted and involved and I feel great within the team.


How did you become a women mechanic in motorsport ?

Actually I have always been interested in motorsport, since I was a little girl... really it’s a family interest and a family story. I was born in motorsport so to say. I can say it’s hard to be a woman in Motorsport, but you just need to work hard, to push and “keep pushing”, reach for your goals... and for sure, it will all come together right. My dad used to drive in rallying, even before I was born. Then I went to watch races and when I was almost fifteen, I started to race myself in what we call “folkrace” in Sweden. It happens with old cars, that go about 80km/h, it’s just like in rallycross but the budget is much lower, so it is accessible to start racing. After that, when I started Highschool, I wanted to go higher in motorsport, so I decided to go to a school in Torsby, Sweden that offer race mechanic education. And now I am here! So this is great.


What exactly do you do in the Team Peugeot Hansen?

I am a mechanic on Timmy Hansen’s car and my biggest role is to take care of the tyres, have the right tyre at the right place, on the right time... with the correct tyre pressure and so on.  Make sure to prepare the right choice depending on weather conditions... But I am also here to help Mads (Timmy Hansen Chief Mechanic) with the wheel suspension, the dampers, the springs and so on. So we can say I am a third mechanic on the car. I support Mad and I take care of the tyres.


Do you have any advice for other ladies who would like to work in motorsport?

Well, all I want to say is that there is a place for everyone in motorsport. Don’t be shy, don’t get afraid, just do you job, never give up. Nothing is impossible. Follow your dreams!